HFACS Workshops

HFACS, Inc. offers professional development training on our innovative HFACS/HFIX methodologies.  Our intensive, two-day workshops teach cutting-edge techniques to help your organization identify the causes of errors and develop preventative measures to lower your risk and improve performance.

Attendees of Our Workshop Will Learn How To:

  • Integrate human factors and system safety concepts into the root cause analysis (RCA) process
  • Utilize the Human Factors Analysis & Classification System (HFACS®) to identify systemic causes of human error during your RCA
  • Transform traditional RCA tools like the fishbone diagram, fault trees, and link analysis using HFACS
  • Implement the Human Factors Intervention matriX (HFIX®) to develop innovative corrective action programs
  • Develop a human error database and tracking system for monitoring and evaluating performance improvement efforts

All Attendees of Our Workshop Will Receive:

  • Textbook on HFACS
  • HFACS-RCA Handbook
    • Includes HFACS Interview Guide
    • HFACS/HFIX Checklists
  • Beta version of our HFACS/HFIX software (coming soon)
  • Complimentary HFACS Certification

Workshop Dates and Locations:

We offer workshops across the globe on a regular basis throughout the year.  These workshops are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to apply our innovative HFACS/HFIX methodologies. We can also offer client-centered workshops for your organization at a location of your choosing.  More details can be found on this website or you can contact us at info@hfacs.com to learn more about our open and client-centered workshops.

2018 Open Workshops: